dupe accounts on site

DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicatedonline posted Feb 21, 18

a warning to anybody with multiple accounts on website-   due to the issue that i see many of you made additional accounts, any account with 2 accounts on site will receive zero points- on any account- suggest you remove the additional Accounts yourself if you want points

mariosandluigi I have 2 accounts but i didnt even make them like i said in my previose post I dont know how i even have a account of th...


DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicatedonline posted Jan 29, 18

Below are both links you will want in order to get free points

Every 100 hours you play on gametracker=250 points--See Thread for details

Record your time with BlackHole Gaming! and share to the world

Nothing offensive allowed- this includes music-

jimiah I have had more than 60 mystery briefs and had not found a javelin since. we used to get them at least in a percentage o...
Zarnix 47 minute video of me playin...

Happy New Years!

DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicatedonline posted Jan 1, 18

Happy New Years!   Have a Fantastic year!

SkrillexTheCat Happy new years
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