Gametracker Event update

LordSaren SERVER ADMINHead AdminSuper adminMemberDedicated posted Apr 25, 18


The event for gametracker is over and finish. We are abit late as it was apost to end monday night at Midnight.

1st place: Twitch with 153.25k

2nd place: total chaos with 47.45k

3rd place: Jimiah with 30.26k

Everyone from 3rd-10th will be rewared with 500 points on the website.

Thank you all for doing this event. we hope to do more of these in the future as well.

Twitch Thanks, appreciated.

GameTracker Even

DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicated posted Apr 16, 18

Well- Since i love to reward people for my mistakes ;)
i reset game-tracker- rather than merge--- Whoops!


1st place gets 1500 Points total

2nd place gets 1000 total

3-10 place get 500 total

Happy Hunting!


Zombies + AI + vehicles destroyed= best way to make score

All users already have been given 500 points(200 hours worth) whom were on the website- Since playtime rewards are reset now

These are Additional Points you would be granted!

Please post in #arma-need-help when you reach points


DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicated posted Mar 8, 18

If you are auto banned- join discord and message in Help_Im_Banned-

I am currently the only one who can remove these specific bans as it requries access to the dedicated server-

Please bear with us-  we do know not all bans are legit bans-  Some have been though-

Things to remember

RECORD/SCREENSHOT as much as you can to help your base-  as long as you are not a hacker- most likely- you will be removed-

updates to the new antihack are happening often-  a new major update will next next weekend-

Safe zones just had a major update- nobody should have any chance to steal your shit- as well vehicles are in god mode- plus god mode when you leave for 10 seconds

HovisBrown I cannot log in ever. .. just your server - nio idea why!
Akrapovic Hello,i got autobanned but dont know for what reason :/ and i never used discord so i dont know how it works

dupe accounts on site

DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicated posted Feb 21, 18

a warning to anybody with multiple accounts on website-   due to the issue that i see many of you made additional accounts, any account with 2 accounts on site will receive zero points- on any account- suggest you remove the additional Accounts yourself if you want points

mariosandluigi I have 2 accounts but i didnt even make them like i said in my previose post I dont know how i even have a account of th...


DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicated posted Jan 29, 18

Below are both links you will want in order to get free points

Every 100 hours you play on gametracker=250 points--See Thread for details

Record your time with BlackHole Gaming! and share to the world

Nothing offensive allowed- this includes music-

jimiah I have had more than 60 mystery briefs and had not found a javelin since. we used to get them at least in a percentage o...
Zarnix 47 minute video of me playin...

Happy New Years!

DieTanx SERVER ADMINMemberDedicated posted Jan 1, 18

Happy New Years!   Have a Fantastic year!

SkrillexTheCat Happy new years
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